Mimari Mizuki

About me

Mimari Eugenie Mizuki, better known as Mari, is the elder daughter of Sheen Mizuki and Nagome Ibuki-Mizuki. This lass who is filled with joy and sunshine is none other than the Third Princess of Arigon and is generally recognized to be all about peace, love, and equality. Mari’s smile can brighten up any room, and her laugh can warm the coldest of hearts. She is exceptionally gifted at hand-to-hand combat, wielding elements, and sword fighting. Mari often enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, drawing, reading, watching anime, playing video games, baking pastries, and writing her princessly speeches.                                                         Mari’s main goal and preferred occupational path in life is to become a Queen’s Advisor, so she may be useful to her older cousin, the First Princess of Arigon, Sheena Mizuki, who she sees as an older sister. Mari also believes that she’ll be a great asset to Sheena’s future queenhood due to the preteen’s aptitude to move people with her words and her charismatic ability to almost befriend everyone that she meets bundled with her ability to get work done efficiently and swiftly. Both of the Third Princess’ exceptional social and workaholic capabilities can evolve into valuable assets in the future for Arigon and the nation of Sol.