Mizuki : LOTD Vol.1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Enter the Bad Ass Madarame & the Hooded Hero Mizuki Events   Northeast of Arigon arose the Misty Forest of Roumaya. True to its name, the forest exuded seemingly unending surges of mist. This forest held a history of countless travelers losing their ways and somehow ending up back at the entrance of the forest. When the rejected travelers returned to their villages, they always told stories about the constant changes of the forest’s interior and the sounds of whispering voices which demanded the unwelcomed guests to stay away. This forest also harbored a dense collection of trees … Continue reading Mizuki : LOTD Vol.1 Chapter 3

Mizuki : LOTD Vol.1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Mizuki Siblings & the Tale of the Barbarians and the Elemental Mages Shawn “Baby brother, please wake up.” A familiar female’s voice called out to me and woke me up from my deep sleep. I opened my eyes to see my older sister, Sheena Mizuki, leaning over me. She was damn near face-to-face with me. The princess’ slanted, brown eyes were looking down at me, and she had a worried look on her beautiful face. Her flawless brown complexion lit up from the sunlight that was shining through my window. My sister must have pulled back my … Continue reading Mizuki : LOTD Vol.1 Chapter 2

Mizuki : LOTD Vol.1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1:The Unsolicited Examination & the Graves Boy’s Pending Return Shawn I was running as fast as I could down a dark forest. The sound of multiple falling trees hitting the ground echoed throughout the surrounding area. My pursuer was destroying everything in its path as it tried desperately to keep up with my rapid pace. My running came to a quick halt when an unknown force flew directly over my head. It crashed into the ground a few feet ahead of me. The impact of whatever it was launched me backwards. I let out a loud yell as I … Continue reading Mizuki : LOTD Vol.1 Chapter 1

Mizuki Prologue

Prologue Souichiro’s Wrath   Mizuki Events Time slowed down as the air current protested against a fallen warrior’s body. He dropped ninety-two feet from the air and let out a hoarse scream on the way down towards the blazing town. He tried desperately to reach out to his falling dragon partner, but it was too late. His companion’s body was burning in a blaze, and it was beheaded. As the massive, deceased body crashed down to the ground, the decapitated head got crushed under the extraordinary weight, leaving behind a gruesome sight. The warrior’s failure became confirmed as his fall … Continue reading Mizuki Prologue