Ashina Madame

Our History

Ashina Vedell Madarame, better known as Ash or Madarame, is the eldest daughter of Atreus Madarame and Aurora Madarame. This audaciously spunky teen is recognized as a troublemaker who is utterly tomboyish, unruly, cocky, stubborn, rowdy, irritable, obnoxious, sharp tongued, territorial, and Tsundere-like. She’s Shawn Mizuki’s unintentional personal shadow and his ride-or-die best friend.                                                                                            Due to Ashina’s negative personality traits, she is hard to get along with and has had a tough time making new friends since she was a kid because she always made bad first impressions with almost every new person that she met. She has often been misunderstood because of her rash behavior and impatient judgments. In spite of her cute face and pleasant to look at physique, Ashina is feared by nearly all teenage Izaha women who are interested in Shawn, any bullies around, and most bandits residing in Kohryu.                                        

Despite Ashina’s general unpleasantness and bad attitude, deep down inside, she is a good and loyal friend who has all her comrades’ backs no matter what. The teen is extremely dependable in a scrap because of her exceptionally gifted at hand-to-hand combat skill and her fighting capacity being twice her size as a result of her tremendous Chi output, extraordinary speed, and her impressive physical strength.

Aside from her fighting capabilities and being a troublemaker, Ashina enjoys being a hardcore gamer who plays casually, cooperatively, and competitively. She always adores hanging out with her friends and family, listening to music, watching anime, watching wrestling, watching sports, and eating different types of foods. She also thoroughly enjoys sparring, training, racing, working out, arm wrestling, going bounty hunting, cooking, baking, studying, and learning more about the world she inhabits along with gaining more erudition about knighthood and in knightly tactics, ethics, rules, and regulations.

                During Ashina’s upbringing, her father was in and out of her life because of his career as a Fang of Dragaroth. Also, with her mother being seemingly out of the picture, Ashina mostly was raised by her godmother, Shinia Ibuki-Mizuki, her older adopted brother, Izanami “Izzo” Madarame, and her great-grandfather, Burroughs Madarame, when her father was away. Because Ashina’s father was absent for most of the young lass’ life, she began to develop a strong hatred for the entire faction of Fangs.                                                                                               Besides Ashina’s abandonment issues, she struggles with a noticeable inability to use her clan’s Lineage’s trait ability: the unique technique to shape and bend Chi to their will. Since Ashina is deprived of using the Chi Bending method, she was often ridiculed for her shortcomings by the other young clan members and always compared to her younger fraternal twin, Ashira, who was very exceptional and skilled at using the gift. The young Ashira was anticipatedly named as the next Chi Sage of the aristocratic Madarame Clan because of her versatile Chi Bending talents.

Because of this unfair hindrance, Ashina decided to go down her own path with her life, which would consist of a much different route from her father, adopted brother, great-grandpa, and little sister. This route would allow the adolescent to be around her other family, the very household who she rather be with and to protect always. This bold desire led to the spunky teen’s preferred occupational path in life. This professional choice was to become a Queen’s Knight, so she could be by her best friend and crush, Shawn Mizuki’s side.                                                            

She could then be useful to her surrogate older sister, Sheena Mizuki, and protect the first princess and the people of her country from any threat that might make its way to the great nation of Sol and more importantly the Queendom of Arigon. In the process of attaining that revered and esteemed title and position, she could prove once and for all to her clan and family that she wouldn’t need Chi Bending to become a powerful and rememberable warrior. She would also strive to emerge as one of the strongest Queen’s Knights of all time.

“I’m a pure, unadulterated, bad-ass Madarame”

Ashina Madarame