Shawn Mizuki


Shawn Kazuha Mizuki is the only son of the 49th Queen of Arigon, Shinia Ibuki-Mizuki, and the former Commander of the Queen’s Knights, Souichiro Mizuki. This young man who is filled with courage, determination, persistence, goofiness, and perversion is none other than the First Prince of Arigon. The prince is remarkably gifted at wielding a sword and hand-to-hand combat and perfectly controls Chi, and he’s an extraordinary battle tactician to boot.   


Shawn often enjoys hanging out with his friends and family as well as training with and ogling his sword master and crush, Christian Niwa. He also relishes watching anime, watching sports, sparring, listening to music, playing video games, working out, eating different types of food and sweets, and drinking pop. He frequently indulges in flirting with women along with gawking at their bodies and thoroughly enjoys traveling and learning more about the world and all its inhabitants around him.


From an outsider’s perspective, the prince has had a seemingly wealthy, easy, and perfect life. However, since he was a child, he’s possessed an inability to manifest the elemental attributes of his mother’s clan and has failed countless times in the past at awakening the visual prowess of his father’s clan. Due to those corresponding shortcomings, Shawn was deemed as an expendable disappointment by the royal court, and his fate of serving his sister, Sheena Mizuki, (the legitimate heiress of the throne) as one of her future personal Queen’s Knights was basically sealed.

Shawn was often mocked and bullied because of his lack of ability at using elements in the past more so than his ineptitude to conjure the visual technique known as the Kyoryuugan. Shawn’s sister however always supported him and took up for him. But, due to Sheena’s odd brother complex, she wanted her little brother to be by her side always and to eventually become her ideal Queen’s Knight, so they could rule the kingdom together so long as her reign as queen lasted. Shawn nonetheless never wanted to train to become a Knight, but the royal court had planned to force that role upon him ever since he was a kid. He fundamentally hated that predetermined role and duty for himself. He just wanted to live his own life and to be free of the life of a so-called unimportant prince whose only purpose in life was to be his sister’s personal shield and a mere servant to her.

All hope of independence from this seemingly fated path seemed lost for the prince until the discovery of a hidden power that had lain dormant inside of the young royal’s body was forced to surface during an intense training skirmish. This mysterious ability gave Shawn newfound hope to prove all his doubters wrong about him being a failure and to show all of them that he didn’t need to wield elements to reach his goals in life and to become a formidable warrior. This extraordinarily diverse skill also gave the prince the very key that he needed to attempt to achieve his lifelong dream: become a Fang of Dragaroth (a militaristic warrior whose life wasn’t dictated by the royal court’s absurd rules). Shawn wanted to journey throughout the world of Dragaroth to see what the lands had to offer all while leaving the life of a so-called unimportant disappointment of a prince behind him.

“Dust to dust. Fang Art: Fallen Dragon Petal!”

Shawn Mizuki