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Trust gets you killed, love gets you hatred and being real get you hated.

Allisa “Ali” Ibarra is a beautiful, confident and smart girl who has lived a troubled life. Remnants of her father’s deceit and unforgiveable actions have forced Ali into adulthood much sooner than she anticipated. Ali’s life is turned upside down when her aunt Lydia is brutally murdered in the streets of Los Angeles. Lydia became a victim of her own hustle and she learned the hard way that the game she was playing had no winner. In this game, the only winner is the game itself! Lydia’s death caused Ali’s uncle Cortez to become consumed with hate and his desire for revenge became uncontrollable.

“Ibarra” is a page turner that presents the challenges of a dysfunctional family and a little girl trying to keep her world from falling apart.

Ibarra is one of the first project that was introduced in the DayJon Line. More solo projects are in the works.

Shawn Mizuki, the first prince of Airgon.



Mizuki Linage of the Dragon

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Born into a family ruled by women, Shawn Mizuki was an outcast prince who had something to prove. Due to the fact that Shawn failed to manifest the elemental attributes of his mother’s clan, he was immediately deemed as an expendable failure by the royal court, and his fate of serving his sister, Sheena, as one of her future personal Guardian Knights was basically sealed. All hope of independence seemed lost for the prince until the discovery of a hidden power that had lain dormant inside of the young royal’s body was forced to surface during an intense training scrimmage.

This mysterious ability gave Shawn newfound hope to prove all of his doubters wrong about him being a failure. This very diverse skill also gave the prince the very key that he needed to attempt to achieve his lifelong dream: become a Fang of Dragaroth (a militaristic warrior whose life wasn’t dictated by the royal court’s absurd rules). Shawn wanted to journey through the lands to see what the world of Dragaroth had to offer all while leaving the life of a so-called unimportant prince behind.



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